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  1. stria [stri´ah] (pl. stri´ae) (L.) 1. a band, line, streak, or stripe. 2. in anatomic nomenclature, a longitudinal collection of nerve fibers in the brain. atrophic.
  2. stri·a (strī′ə) n. pl. stri·ae (strī′ē) 1. A thin, narrow groove or channel. 2. A thin line or band, especially one of several that are parallel or close.
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  4. [TA] stria diagonalis (Broca) diagonal band: a band of nerve fibers that forms the caudal zone of the anterior perforated substance where it adjoins the optic tract.

stria 1. Geology any of the parallel scratches or grooves on the surface of a rock caused by abrasion resulting from the passage of a glacier, motion on a fault. Bro·ca di·ag·o·nal band (brō-kah'), a white fiber bundle descending in the precommissural septum toward the base of the forebrain, immediately rostral to the. Diagonal band - Stria diagonalis Anatomical Parts. Illustrated anatomical parts with images from e-Anatomy and descriptions of anatomical structure

(Redirigido desde «Stria diagonalis») Leer en otro idioma Vigilar esta página Edita Synonyme: diagonales Band, Bandeletta diagonalis, Stria diagonalis (seltener) Englisch: diagonal band of Broca. 1 Definition. Das diagonale Band von Broca ist ein im. Synonyms for stria diagonalis in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for stria diagonalis. 4 synonyms for stria: striation, banding, striation, band. What are synonyms for stria. Define stria. stria synonyms, stria pronunciation, stria translation, English dictionary definition of stria diagonalis; stria diagonalis; stria externa medullae.

Medical definition for the term 'stria diagonalis' About; Contact; Abbreviations; Dictionary; Drugs; More Equipment. 斜角纹(英文diagonal band)(同band of Broca, bandaletta diagonalis (Broca), Broca`s diagonal band和diagonal band of Broca

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Das Septum verum im Gehirn ist u.a. mit dem Hippocampus und dem Hypothalamus verbunden. Es ist eine wichtige Schnittstelle zwischen Emotion, Gedächtnis & Geruch stria noun, declension 1, nominative, feminine, singular diagonalis adjective, declension 3, nominative, feminine, singula Stria diagonalis information including symptoms, causes, diseases, symptoms, treatments, and other medical and health issues Latín : stria diagonalis; bandeletta diagonalis: TA: A14.1.09.422: Sinónimos; banda diagonal de Broca; cintilla diagonal de Broca; bandeleta diagonal de Broc The stria terminalis is a bundle of fibers in the brain that carries messages to and from the amygdala. If there is a problem with..

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  1. stria diagonalis: TA98 English equivalent diagonal band Properties Bilaterality This entity has left and right instances. TA98 Hierarchy.
  2. Look at other dictionaries: diagonal band — of Broca stria diagonalis Medical dictionary. band of Broca — Broca diagonal band stria diagonalis
  3. Definition of stria in the Financial Dictionary stria diagonalis; stria diagonalis; stria externa medullae renalis; stria fornicis; stria gravidarum
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  5. alis, tractus olfactorius
  6. stria diagonalis: The diagonal band of Broca is one of the basal forebrain structures that are derived from the ventral telencephalon during development
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  1. ów anatomicznych polsko-łacińsko-angielskim Anationary.p
  2. stria diagonalis: MeSH: A08.186.211.730.885.380: NeuroNames: hier-267: NeuroLex ID: and course backward in the longitudinal striae to the dentate gyrus and the.
  3. olfactory striae lateral. Nucleus of diagonal band Latin nucleus striae diagonalis The nucleus of diagonal band is a structure in the brain

stria diagonalis: MeSH: D020667: and course backward in the longitudinal striae to the dentate gyrus the diagonal band of Broca is believed to be involved in. Synonyms for stria in Free Thesaurus. Antonyms for stria. 4 synonyms for stria: striation, banding, striation, band. What are synonyms for stria

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Tłumaczenie 'Nucleus striae diagonalis' na język polski w darmowym słowniku terminów anatomicznych polsko-łacińsko-angielskim Anationary.p stria diagonalis. stria externa medullae renalis. stria for nicis. stria interna medullae renalis. stria laminae granularis internae. stria laminae molecularis

strew (someone or something) with (something) To cover someone or something with something by sprinkling or scattering it on top of them or it, especially in a messy. nucleus striae diagonalis: The nucleus of diagonal band is a structure in the brain. It projects to the hippocampal formation through the fornix. [1] Reference stria diagonalis 8. stria fornicis 9. stria gravidarum 10. stria longitudinalis 11. stria longitudinalis lateralis 12. stria longitudinalis medialis 13. stria malleari

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stria的中文意思:n.(pl. striae )1.【解、动、植】线条, stria diagonalis 布罗卡斜纹:形成前穿质尾区的一个神经纤维带. Diagonal spread An options strategy requiring a long and a short position in the same class of option at different strike prices and different expiration dates. For. diagonalis stria diagonalisability diagonalisation diagonalisations diagonalise diagonalised diagonalises diagonalising; Literary usage of Diagonal EXPERIMENTAL NEUROLOGY 25, 541-558 (1969) Efferent Fibers of the Habenula and Stria Medullaris Thalami in Rats TAKASHI YAMADORI1 Department of Anatomy, Division I. This page was last edited on 11 December 2018, at 20:22. All structured data from the main, property and lexeme namespaces is available under the Creative Commons CC0.

vasoactive intestinal polypeptide afferents to the bed nucleus of the stria terminalis in the rat: NT, nucleus tractus diagonalis; OT. olfactory tubercle; P. Diagonal band - Stria diagonalis; Diaphragma sellae; Sellar diaphragm - Diaphragma sellae; Diencephalon - Diencephalon; Diploic veins - Venae diploicae

olfaction and limbic system - A free PowerPoint PPT presentation (displayed as a Flash slide show) on PowerShow.com - id: 26ea62-MDk0 stria diagonalis. gala logistics limited. harmonic temperature oscillation. persimmon calyx and receptacle. guaiacol peroxidase. dizy. starahowice automobile plant. Stria olfactoria intermedia. Stria diagonalis (bandaletta diagonalis, Broca) Substantia perforata anterior (rostralis) Area periamygdalaris. Area prepiriformis

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полоски, striae olfactoriae medialis et la­ teralis. Дивергентные пучки волокон, [Брока]], stria diagonalis [[Broca]] Neben dem Ncl. basalis Meynert finden sich cholinerge Neurone in großer Zahl in den Ncll. medialis septi und den Ncll. striae diagonalis, die als Mediales-Septum. Die Amygdala im Gehirn wird wegen ihrer Form in der Anatomie auch Mandelkern genannt. Sie ist für Emotionen und Gefühle wie Furcht und Angst zuständig

The distribution of bovine pancreatic polypeptide-like immunoreactive neurons in nucleus tractus diagonalis, , interstitialis stria. Stria diagonalis : Pierre Paul Broca: 1824-1880: Surgeon and anthropologist: Paris: Broca: Broca's cap : Gyrus triangularis : Pierre Paul Broca: 1824-1880 Email this Article Email Address: Diagonal band of Broc

nucleus interstitialis striae terminalis. Ca. stria terminalis. Td. tractus diagonalis Neocortical layers I and II of the hedgehog (Erinaceus europaeus). I Die führende medizinische Datenbank für die klinische Erstinformation: Qualitätsgesichert, evidenzbasiert, auf wissenschaftlicher Grundlage. Alle Pschyrembel. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get. striae olfactoriaestriae olfactoriae: stria olfactoria lateralis limen insulae stria olfactoria medialis stria diagonalis (Broca) substantia perforata anterio Definition of Olfactory Brain from all online and printed dictionarie

kortikale und subkortikale Anteile (auch Stria diagonalis), bestehend aus mehreren Kernen. Welche Afferenzen und Efferenzen hat die Area septalis Line: linea,-ae (s.f.I), abl.sg. linea; stria,-ae (s.f.I), abl.sg. stria, nom. pl. striae, dat. & abl.pl. striis, 'stria, fine linear streak, line or other marking. 1. Конечный мозг. Большие полушария. Кора. САМАРСКИЙ ГОСУДАРСТВЕННЫЙ МЕДИЦИНСКИЙ УНИВЕРСИТЕ

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Stria diagonalis Fasciculus diagonalis Brocae Stria diagonalis (Broca) diagonal band of Broca diagonal gyrus Broca's diagonal gyrus Gyrus diagonalis olfactory fasciculu How To Pronounce Stria diagonalis; How To Pronounce Stria medularis thalami; How To Pronounce Stria occipitalis laminae granularis internae isocorticis alpha-Melanocyte stimulating hormone: immunohistochemical identification and the nucleus interstitialis stria the region of the tractus diagonalis,. TELENCEPHALON Koncový mozek. konec dobrý..všechno dobré (rozuměj celé CNS) Telencephalon = Cerebrum střední část (= telencephalon medium) rostrální. Nucleus of diagonal band — Brain: Nucleus of diagonal band Latin nucleus striae diagonalis The nucleus of diagonal band is a structure in the brain

(indusium griseum et stria diagonalis). Морському конику (hippocampus). Secret Bases wiki SECRET-BASES.CO.UK - Nucleus of diagonal ban meningitic stria中文腦膜炎劃痕,腦性劃痕,點擊查查權威綫上辭典詳細解釋meningitic stria的中文翻譯 stria diagonalis.

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斜角纹 的翻译结果:stria diagonalis;stria diagonalis ta||双语例句|英文例句|相关文 IN STEREOTAXIC COORDINATES BY stria terminalis, nucleus accumbens and preoptic area. Gyrus diagonalis (Diagona Comparative immunocytochemical localization of putative opioid ligands in the central nervous system. Stria terminalis. STP. Nucleus tractus diagonalis.

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Cerca bàsica. Cerca avançada. Text de la consult ventricle along the stria medullaris of the thalamus. B C 10 Choroid plexus. Plexus choroideus. Paired, highly vascularized villous infolding whic Secret Bases wiki SECRET-BASES.CO.UK - Diagonal band of Broc diagnostic tests, routine, diagnostic ultrasound, diagometer, diagonal < Prev | Next > diagonal conjugate diameter, diagonalis stria. Bookmark with: word visualiser

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stria terminalis - medzi Th a ncl. caudatus, spojenie z amygdali do septa a hypoth. stria (tractus) diagonalis - na zadnom okreji subst. perforata ant.,. Read papers from the keyword Striae terminalis with Read by QxMD

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  1. (Was es nicht alles im Hirn gibt, nicht wahr? Die Stria diagonalis Brocae liegt schamhaft versteckt zwischen den Schenkeln — äh: Crura, wollt' ich sagen,.
  2. Definitions of Diagonal_band_of_Broca, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of Diagonal_band_of_Broca, analogical dictionary of Diagonal_band_of_Broca (English
  3. ology of the Nomenclature is the basis for the Atlas of Ncl. interstitialis striae bandeletta diagonalis,.
  4. в striae olfactoriae и trigonum olfactorium striae olfactoriae: stria olfactoria lateralis limen insulae stria olfactoria medialis stria diagonalis (Broca
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ОРГАНИ ЧУТТЯ. Органами чуття (organa sensuum) називають анатомічні утворення (прилади), за. - діагональну стрічку (stria diagonalis); - нюховий - бічна поздовжня смуга (stria longitudinalis lateralis) Scanning electron microscopic observation of the fetal stria vascularis 胎儿耳蜗血管纹的扫描电镜观察 : 短句来源 Stretch-activated channels in. Stria acustica Corpus trapezoideum Lamella diagonalis Hemispherium et pallium Facies convexa (dorsolateralis), facies medialis, facies basilari